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GoTEN is an acronym that means Go To Every Nation.


GoTEN is an acronym that means Go To Every Nation. Our name comes from some of the last words Jesus gave to his followers… Go to all nations (all peoples) with the Good News, help them to know Me and the love I have shown to you, and the opportunity to be reconciled to God. 

One day Jesus was approached by a leader and was asked, "Of all the expectations of God, which is the greatest? Jesus replied, Love God first and with everything you have. That's number one. And number two is love your neighbor like your love yourself. Jesus said, there are no two greater expectations from God.

At GoTEN, we are passionate about loving God and loving our neighbors. We follow Jesus' last instruction to go to every nation with everything He had taught. If we are to reduce His teaching to two expectations, it would be loving God and loving people.


God. Our number one service is to God. Every program, trip, event, and action should magnify our love for God and honor Him. We serve the King of all Kings.

God's People. We want to bring others along in the journey and help people know how to serve and love God. We bring other followers of Jesus along with us as we serve in community together.

Neighbors. Jesus defines neighbors as not just the person who lives next door, but people that show up in our daily routines. We work hard to notice the new neighbors around us and invite them to become part of God's People. The nations have come to our neighborhoods in the form for refugees, international students and immigrants.

GoTEN engages in refugee ministry by helping refugees learn English, get jobs and experience Christian community.